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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How far is it to Arches?
A. About 6 miles.

Q. Are you pet friendly?
A. Sorry, we cannot accommodate pets.

Q What about service animals?
A. We are legally required to allow legitimate service animals which have been trained to provide a specific function. (Sorry, this does not apply to emotional support animals.) (And not all kinds of animals either. You can't have a service elephant.)

Q. Are your rooms smoke free?
A. Yes

Q. Are linens provided?
A. Yes

Q. Can I bring my own?
A. No.

Q. Why not?
A. Because this is the primary way unwanted pests get transported from one place to another. It's also the best way to take unwanted pests back to your home, so just don't do it. Never. Anywhere. Ever.

Q. When is check-out time?
A. 11:00

Q. When is check-in time?
A. After 9:00 am if we have something available. Normally we have most rooms clean and ready to go by 3:00 or 4:00pm. Someone is usually behind the desk until about 10:pm. If you will be arriving after this it is a good idea to call and let us know you are coming late. If you arrive late and there is nobody at the desk, give us a call and someone will come out.

Q. Are the prices listed for rooms/cabins per person or for the whole room/cabin?
A. Please don't ask this question. Just take a look at the list and think about it for a couple of seconds and you can probably figure it out. (Here's a clue. The price listed for one person is $39. The price listed for 6 people is $70. If the price was per person the 6 person price would be $420. Just ask yourself if that makes any sense.)

Q. If I ask if the price listed for the room is per person or for the whole room will you make fun of me?
A. We'll try not to.